Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wooden Kitchen Utensils, Dominion Post, and the Winner of Sweet Feast

 Photo by Alessandra Zecchini©

I have a few things to post, but I didn't want to miss out Black and White Wednesday, organized by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook, a wonderful weekly blogging appointment that I hope will improve my photography skills, and it is definitely improving the way I look at my everyday objects! Last week it was the dishwasher, and today is my wooden utensils, I choose sepia because... I just felt like sepia :-)!

More press news: Arantxa was interviewed by the Dominion Post about writing Party Food for Girls (for those who live overseas, The Dominion Post is the Wellington newspaper) and you can read the article, which includes the recipe for Mimosa cake, by clicking here. Probably I will post about this again in the future (with our photo for the Mimosa cake), but I just wanted to give you the link now, since it is "today news".

And now for the winner of Sweet Feast by Julie Biuso. Once again thank you all for taking part, and sorry for those living overseas, I couldn't enter you in the draw. Well, just left only 10 names (more chances!!) and the list randomizer said.....

List Randomizer

There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Lesley
  2. Easyfoodhacks
  3. Domestic executive
  4. Viv
  5. Vanille
  6. Olly
  7. Cynthia
  8. Nardia
  9. Sue
  10. Make-do-Mum
Timestamp: 2011-11-15 20:53:10 UTC

Congratulations Lesley!!!! Please send me you mailing address at alessandra at clear dot net dot nz


  1. Great review in the Dominion Post and well done Lesley for winning the beautiful book.

  2. Nice collection of wooden tools. It makes me want to sort my own tools out. We only have 1 draw in our entire kitchen so jars of tools is a necessity rather than decoration.

  3. Great picture. It's interesting how much more detail seems to be picked out by sepia. A fun collection of tools you have there.

  4. La foto è suggestiva assai, complimenti per Aranxta, state avendo tante tante soddisfazioni meritate per il libro. Buona serata per te, qui da noi il giorno è appena iniziato o quasi.

  5. How do you manage to keep your utensils looking so neat in the containers.Mine end up all over the place.

  6. Stuopendissma la foto!!
    Qui da noi ora diciamo "buona giornata" ma per te sicuramente sarà una Buona Serata!!
    Baci dalla provincia di Modena.

  7. Thank you all for your comments :-). Cookie Jar, maybe next time I take a photo of my drawers and you will laugh!!

  8. Thanks so much for the book - I am so excited that I won! Looking forward to browsing through it and trying out a few recipes.

    I really like your photo done in sepia too.

    Thanks again.

  9. Lesley, I am sure that you will enjoy the book :-)


  10. I really like your blog... Its so informative.

  11. Ah well, I didn't win but still enjoyed the thought. Loved your rationale on the scepia, always good to please yourself!

  12. Thanx for the lovely comment at my space..wonderful click of the wooden utensils..Congrats to the winner !!

  13. @Domestic executive, what is a 'rationale'??? :-)

  14. Beautiful picture... And congrats to Arantxa, she's a clever girl!

  15. Well done Leslie, I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from the book ;)


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