Monday, January 20, 2014

Rotorua and a new page views record (according to Blogger): 12,587 in a day!

Rotorua is one of those cities that I visited several times and yet it never tires me. So here we are again!

Where to eat if you are a veggie:
The first time I came here it was in 1993, and I ate at the Fat Dog Cafe, one of those places where you can always find vegetarian food. I returned many time to the city and tried a variety of restaurants and cafes, but I haven't found any other place that matches this one for smoothies (the plum one was lovely) and veggie burgers. I had a nice salad too, but I afraid the falafels that came with it were too hard (old and re-fried in my opinion). A real pity.
What to see: 
Anything thermal! Click here for some ideas, and of course you should have a soak at the Polynesian Spa (quite expensive so do it in the evening, and stay awhile!). The shop has many 'thermal mud' things to buy, but I am still looking for a bar of thermal mud soap that doesn't become a lump of mud (and dissolve fully) as soon as you drop it into the water! If you know (or make one) let me know!

Where to stay:
In the past I tried so many different types of accommodation, from big hotels to family motels to units with a spa tub (non thermal) at the back, but this time I think I found THE place for me: Princes Gate Hotel. What I liked about this hotel is that it has a bit of history (very colonial), and it is so central that you can walk everywhere, from the Government Gardens to the city centre to the Polynesian Spa.

And now to my page-view statistics: according to Blogger I had a new record on 15 January, 12,587 page views in a day!! I hope that they are not all robots and spammers, and if you are not, thank you so much for visiting!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©

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  1. I live in Rotorua it is a great place. Glad you liked it. I am impressed with your number of hits. visit my blog at janetkeen.blogspot to see other photos of Rotorua


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