Friday, September 5, 2014

I am on TV

Tune in to TV One this Sunday at 11am for the Neighbourhood episode of Oratai, which I will be presenting. And if you miss it you can always watch it on TV On Demand by clicking here
For the readers overseas, I am not sure if you will be able to watch TVNZ On Demand fro your computers, but there is the trailer on FB, just click here to see it.

Season 3 Episode 20 - Oratia

This week Italian born Alessandra Zecchini shows us around her neighbourhood - Oratia a rural community of about two and a half thousand lucky souls on the border between Auckland’s city sprawl and the wild forests and beaches of the West Coast.
We’ll meet a glass artist, born in Greece, who finds inspiration in the myths of her homeland and an Oratia man shares his Dutch mother’s love of the soil.
We’ll join in the celebrations with the Dalmatian community who have made Oratia home for such a long time and a local woman demonstrates her mother’s recipe for a classic French Pate.

Curator Bio:

Alessandra Zecchini is a food writer, stylist and publisher, born in Northern Italy. She moved to Oratia with her kiwi husband, after years spent in London and Tokyo.
Alessandra feels very welcome in her adopted country. “For me, it is a privilege to be both Italian and a New Zealander. I don’t need to renounce my Italian heritage and culture to live in NZ, which is a very accepting society and offers great opportunities for new arrivals to enrich the cultural tapestry of this country. Migrants to Oratia – generations back or more recent - have all brought something to the table that makes this area unique.  I couldn’t be happier to call it home.”


  1. Congrats Alessandra!
    Sounds amazing!

  2. Che bello Alessandra, complimenti!!
    Vado subito a vedere in fb!!

  3. The episode is no on TVNZ ON Demand here

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