Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flower fritters

My kids go crazy for these! Only three ingredients

Ingredients: edible flowers
 (I used zucchini flowers and borage flowers - but any edible flower will do)
tempura flour
oil for frying

Clean and wash the flowers. Mix the tempura flour with cold water to make a batter, then add the flowers. Spoon into hot oil and pan fry on both sides until the fritters are golden. Serve hot.

And this is my cat Marameo sleeping on the trampoline (I am glad someone is using it!). She is 18 years old now, poor old cat, so sweet but a bit senile, she is shrinking too, and becoming a bit like a kitten, sleeps a lot and demands lots of attention. But she is sweet! The cats are the only ones eating meat in the household, and so far they have been on a raw meat diet, but in the last week I started 'cooking' meat for them (especially Marameo) as they didn't seem to appreciate too much their raw food. When I say cooking I just mean boiling, just boil pieces of beef or chicken, and then give them to them (and the stock too). Personally I find it disgusting, the smell is horrible, but they love it! Do you have any experience of your pets preferring cooked meat to raw meat?

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Hi Alessandra! I have never tried zucchini flowers, but I find it really interesting to cook with flowers - I would love to find some while grocery shopping and bring them home! Nice fritters you've made with them :)

    TENGO 8.....

  3. Alessandra,
    Love the recipe of the flower fritters - may try the batter to make other fritters, as clean flowers may be hard to find.

    On the topic of feeding raw meat to our cats and dogs -
    Our oldest dog (who was relieved of pain and suffering in Dec. 2014) was on a raw meat diet for about a year. Sometimes, we would give the raw meat to the cats and they loved it. They are built to eat raw meat, at least the cats are. I would check with a local vet though, before making any big changes. We fed our dogs and cats - Quail, Turkey or Beef, with bones and all, ground-up. Gross stuff for a vegetarian, but we didn't have to eat it and it was recommended by our vet.

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

    1. PS. Marameo is a beauty. Aging animals are very delicate and sometimes it can be hard to work with them. But, often they tell you what they like and don't like, right away, in a very clear and concise manner :) Good Luck!

  4. Thank you Chandra, feel a bit queasy about the grounding up, but I will check what is best for them.

    1. These things come ground-up, pre-packed, in plastic wrap, frozen. You have to thaw them and then serve...Your local butcher may be able to make some for you also...I know it is 'disgusting' for a vegetarian.
      Peace :)


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