Sweet New Zealand

Sweet New Zealand is doing sweet!! Months are getting booked up ahead, so I have decided to do a little 'housekeeping' and write down the names of the hosts (past and present). 

October 2014 host: Lesley from eat, etc.

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(leave me a message if you like to book a month) 

Sweet NZ Recaps

Karen (Mummy do it) hosted Sweet NZ #38: September 2014

Anna and Michelle (Munch Cooking) hosted Sweet NZ #37: August 2014

Libby (Ditch the Carbs) hosted Sweet NZ #36: July 2014

Amanda (Move Love Eat) hosted Sweet NZ #35: June 2014

Sue (Couscous & Consciousness) hosted Sweet NZ #34: May 2014

Marnelli (Sweets and Brains) hosted Sweet NZ #33: April 2014

Frances (The Bake Club) hosted Sweet NZ #32: March 2014

Alessandra (Alessandra Zecchini) hosted Sweet NZ #31: February 2014

Alessandra (Alessandra Zecchini) hosted Sweet NZ #30: January 2014

Alice (Alice in Bakingland) hosted Sweet NZ #29: December 2013

Mairi (Toast) hosted Sweet NZ #28: November 2013

Lucy (Lucy eats) hosted Sweet NZ #27: October 2013

Carmella (Easy Food Hacks) hosted Sweet NZ #26: September 2013

Marnelli (Sweets and Brains) hosted Sweet NZ #25: August 2013

Nicola (Home Grown Kitchen) hosted Sweet NZ #24: July 2013

Sue (Couscous & Consciousness) hosted Sweet NZ #23: June 2013

Bridget (After Taste) hosted Sweet NZ #22: May 2013

Monica (Delissimon) hosted Sweet NZ #21: April 2013

Lesley (eat, etc...) hosted Sweet NZ #20: March 2013

Michelle (Greedybread) hosted Sweet NZ #19: February 2013

Arfi (HomeMadeS) hosted Sweet NZ #18: January 2013

Lydia (Lydia bakes) hosted: Sweet NZ #17: December 2012

Lucy (The Kitchen Maid) hosted: Sweet NZ #16: November 2012

Sue (Couscous & Consciousness) hosted : Sweet NZ #15: October 2012

Alessandra (Alessandra Zecchini) hosted: Sweet NZ #14: September 2012

Kristina (Plum Kitchen) hosted: Sweet NZ #13: August 2012

Bridget (After Taste) hosted: Sweet NZ #12: July 2012

Shirleen (Sugar & Spice) hosted: Sweet NZ #11: June 2012

Jemma (Time for a Little Something) hosted: Sweet NZ #10: May 2012

Frances (The Bake Club) hosted: Sweet NZ #9: April 2012

Emma (My Darling Lemon Thyme) hosted: Sweet NZ #8: March 2012

Shirleen (Sugar & Spice) hosted: Sweet NZ #7: February 2012

Arfi (HomeMadeS) hosted: Sweet NZ #6: January 2012

Bron (Bron Marshall) hosted: Sweet NZ #5: December 2011

Mairi (Toast) hosted: Sweet NZ #4: November 2011

Sue (Couscous & Consciousness) hosted: Sweet NZ #3: October 2011

Allison (Pease Pudding) hosted: Sweet NZ #2: September 2011

Alessandra (Alessandra Zecchini) hosted: Sweet NZ #1: August 2011


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