Saturday, February 27, 2010

A vegan meal in Hong Kong

No no, I am still at home packing (leaving tomorrow)...and filing things away. But I found so many photos from last year travels which I haven't posted yet, and before they become too old I just wanted to add a few which, to me, are particularly meaningful. These ones are of a vegan dinner we had in HK (sorry, no restaurant's name because we were invited to the restaurant - and not even a vegetarian restaurant! - of a private club, for work reasons), but many of these dishes can be ordered in many Chinese vegetarian restaurants.

They were an inspiration to me and I can still taste them!

This is mock duck (made with gluten). Very nice!

Thin tofu 'skins' filled with mushrooms and vegetables and then pan fried, possibly my favourite dish of the evening.

Braised tofu with brassica (different types of bok choi and broccoli)

Noodles with mixed vegetables and shiitake
This was amazing: stewed eggpant

The dessert I didn't really like, it was just a sweet potato didn't feel like a dessert to me, but by this stage I was so full anyway, so it didn't matter.

Finally: we also went to HK Disney, not as big and beautiful like Tokyo Disney, but still very interesting, and the kids looooooved it! I met Goofy and Mikey Mouse. Mikey is a gentleman, he kissed my hand!!! I wander that Donald would have done! :-)

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. I can't imagine you flirting with Mickey ;-). The meal looked fantastic, lucky you!!!

  2. Than you Jo, nearly all packed now....see you in Oct.


  3. That meal looks amazing! We should be so lucky. Not so much on the dessert, as you say, but I guess it is an acquired taste. I almost think dessert more than any other part of the meal requires cultural adaptation to appreciate.

  4. The mock duck looks amazing! Looking forward to reading you soon.


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