Sunday, July 31, 2011

Calling all Kiwi Bloggers: Sweet New Zealand

Our NZ blogging community is growing, and I have spoken with other food bloggers about the idea of a monthly blogging event, just for fun, and to get to know each others better. Well, the response was very positive, with some bloggers even keen to host the event in the future (but don't be scared, hosting will never be a requirement, nor will be 'following').  So here we are: Sweet New Zealand! I thought that this title would be quite inclusive, as every food blogger has something sweet in his/her archives. And as requested by some of you I also kept the 'rules' to a minimum. Here they are:

1 This blogging event is open to all bloggers living in New Zealand and Kiwis living and/or blogging overseas. This is not a competition and there are no prizes or winners: it is just a way for Kiwi bloggers to connect and share recipes.

2 You can take part with anything sweet: cakes, fruit salads, biscuits, ice creams…You can write a new recipe or send the link for an old recipe, if you like, as long as the entry contains the phrase Sweet New Zealand, the banner (choose your own size), a link to the host, and to this post (so please update your old posts, if necessary).

3 Send your entry by the 28th of each month New Zealand time (25th for Feb.) to your host with:

                Your Name
                Your Blog Name and URL
                Your Post URL (and name of the recipe if it isn’t in the post title)
                A photo (not too large)

 Your host will publish recaps at the end of the month.

4 There are no more rules, so have fun!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me:
alessandra at clear dot net dot nz

I look forward to your comments and entries :-)!


  1. Dear Alessandra
    How are you? I am quite irregular in visiting your space and missing out many good recipes. I like this event> I will be waiting eagerly to learn more from this event.
    Wish you great successful event.


  2. A lovely idea Alessandra. I guess I qualify as an honorary kiwi, having spent 30 years there. :)

  3. praticamente è una raccolta di dolci?

  4. Si Astro, ma per i neozelandesi, visto che siamo all'inizio con il food blogging e dobbiamo imparare a conoscerci. Spiacente se lascio fuori gli italiani e gli altri, ma qualcuno doveva cominciare qui :-).

  5. una bella raccolta fai molto bene

  6. peccato ho appena postato una loro pavlova, pazienza...ciao carissima ben tornata, metti altre fotografie di quei luoghi fantastici? io li adoro, potessi venire lì con il teletrasporto sarei già a casa tua, sono una cacasotto non riuscirei a sopportare tutte quelle ore di volo....capito??? un bacio

  7. Thank you Emma and Arfi :-).

    Tam, mettero' altre foto, di sicuro :-).

  8. This sounds like a brilliant idea. Yay for Kiwi food bloggers :-)

  9. hai ragione ...qui ormai stiamo per inflazionare ^ __ ^

  10. This is a great idea as I find it difficult to find other Kiwi bloggers. Unfortunately you've caught me just as I go on a sort of maternity leave from blogging to take care of my newly adopted son, but I will definitely join in in the future:)I can't wait to see all the posts!

  11. Thank you Marie, and enjoy your maternity leave, it is a precious time :-).

  12. Wonderful Idea, Alessandra! Thanks for the invite and all my best wishes for the event!



  13. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'd been reading about your Sweet NZ blogging event and hoping to get something to you in time!

  14. Lesley, even an old recipe that you have already posted is good! Just stick the banner in and send it to me :-).


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