Sunday, March 24, 2013

More goods from the garden


New potatoes... there are always new potatoes in the garden because I thrown in potato peels all the time!

Wonder of Venice Bean 

Mizuna, Japanese salad, very easy to grow

Some crops are flops, but I still eat them

Lots of carrots, but so ugly... must sieve that soil a bit better!

This year the zucchini are terrible, so small! Maybe it was the lack of water?

This year my peach tree made only 2 peaches!!! 

And for flowers, I have just discovered that this plant is called brugmansia, not datura. Datura have erected flowers, while these are pendulous. I have to keep this plant under strict control so that it doesn't spread in the bush, it is incredibly strong, even if I cut it back to the base so many times! When my daughter wad little she used to look inside in search of fairies. She also knew not to  touch the plant as it is poisonous, and that only fairies could get inside the flowers. Magic :-) 

Brugmansia suaveolens

Brugmansia suaveolens
Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Immagini stupende! Che voglia di primavera... qui dovrebbe esserlo e invece tarda ad arrivare. BAcioni

    1. Si me lo dicono tutti spero che avrete un'estate lunga come la nostra allora!

  2. Che belle queste immagini! davvero stupende!

    qui continua a piovere e nell'orto non siamo riusciti ancora a seminare nulla...sob

    ps. la gelatina di kiwi con agar agar è venuta bene, ha una consistenza particolare, sta bene solida ma come la prendi con un cucchiaio sembra più morbida, e si scioglie in bocca....a noi piace!

  3. all look beautiful Alessandra, and I love your peach!
    I will mail you!

  4. Edible works of art - LOVE them!! I once grew a crop of ugly carrots - but they were the best I've ever tasted!!

  5. Gorgeous photos. I haven't pulled up any carrots yet, but I know our garden is very rocky. I look forward to the little monsters that we must be growing.

    By the way, please share your potato growing method. You mean to say that potato peels throw into the garden magically turn into actual potatoes?

  6. My soil is clay, they cannot push down!! For the potatoes, every time I get a potato with an eye/root I cut that bit off (usually it happens when I peel them, so I cut all the peel off) and then put it in the veggie garden. over with a bit of mulch or soil and wait for the plant to come up. I plant them and forget about them, and then when I see that the plant is drying out I check and always find little potatoes. Make sure that they are not still green or have been exposed to the light (adding mulch on top helps).



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