Saturday, February 8, 2014

St Valentine breakfast (or dessert) melon, and more heart inspired ideas

This is perfect if you:

A: follow a raw diet
B: prefer fruit to dessert
C: are on a diet
D: forgot that it is St Valentine and need to make something quickly!

All you need is a knife and a hear shaped cookie cutter. My heart cookie cutters get lots of use, look at some St Valentine examples from the past years:

Heart Biscuits for Saint Valentine
These are decorated with fondant icing, just roll the fondant and cut using the same cookie cutter as for the biscuit below. Brush the (baked) biscuit with a little jam and place the cut out fondant on top for a smooth finish. For more ideas click here.

And these are Vegan

Heart Sushi and Onigiri for Saint Valentine

Vegan sushi shaped like hearts (like in this photos, you can find the link here),  I use a sushi rolling mat for the sushi, but a cookie cutter for the onigiri.

Heart Salad? 
Daikon and beetroot salad, using cookie cutters (and not only hearts)

Heart Cake Pops

Chocolate fondant heart pops, click here

Inside a Heart 
No cookie cutter here, but I love this strawberry pudding! And the chance to take out my heart bowls .


I made these years ago: a Twilight appetizer (tomatoes, EVO oil and Modena balsamic) and Twilight dessert (Black sesame agar agar with rose syrup and rose petals).
They are classy and they are all Vegan, click here to read.

Rich Chocolate, and hand made heart flags

From my book Party Food for Girls, Photo by Shaun Cato-Symonds, Recipe by Alessandra Zecchini © I used the cookie cutter to draw the outlines of the paper hearts.

Photos and recipes by Alessandra Zecchini


  1. Tutte belle proposte Ale, ma il melone mi ha conquistata!!!
    Ciao e buon fine settimana!

  2. Grazie Any, e per fortuna qui St Valentino è in estate e si può fare!

  3. All look beautiful!! Om not sure if I make a Valentines récipes:)

  4. QUE BUENOS....


  5. Hi,

    You have a very nice blog; I liked the way you presented it.

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  6. Wow what a cute range of so many ideas Alessandra! :)

  7. Bellissima carrellata, l'estate lì da te si sente e si vede :)

  8. Lots of sweet ideas! I especially love the heart-shaped melon. :)

  9. Complimenti per il blog e per le ricette !!!
    Mi sono iscritta tra le tue lettrici !!!
    Se hai voglia di venire a vedere i miei blog eccoli !!! :)

    E questo e' di ricette per i bimbi !

  10. Compliments for the blog and the recipes !!!!

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