Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plum smoothie, and purple heaven

Another day, another smoothie. I used some free stone plums from Oratia Orchard (they have many variety of plums, freshly picked), drinking yogurt, one banana and ice cubes. Perfect for breakfast and I love the colour! In fact I love all hues of purple and plum, here are some of my favourite.

Well, my blueberries should be blue by now, bus a bug ate half of my plant form the inside, and
the birds tend to get to the berries before me as soon as they turn blue! No blueberry jam this year,
but they look pretty in the garden. 

And these I adore, tiny little pansies from the garden.

Photos and recipes by Alessandra Zecchini


  1. Un post pieno di bellezza!

  2. che bello vedere l'estate da te :D

  3. Coraggio che arriverà anche da voi e poi v'invidierò io :-)

  4. Beautiful post, Alessandra. Are the eggplants from your garden?

  5. I wish Lucy! I tried a couple of times with eggplant but it was a flop… maybe they don't like to grow in the bush!



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