Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rangpur, not Tahitian limes

Sue brought me some organic citrus fruit from a friend's garden in Coromandel, she told that they were Tahitian limes. I heard this before in NZ, I think that this is the common name here, but they don't look like limes, more like yellow mandarins, and they taste a bit like grapefruit. So I did a quick search and found that they probably are Rangpur, a cross between a mandarin and a lemon.

What to do with them? Well, I read that they are great for gin and tonic (maybe this is why they call them limes), but usually I only drink gin and tonic when I go to other people's houses (a very common pre-dinner drink in NZ), and I wanted to cook with them. If I find the time I will post a recipe tomorrow, for now I can just tell you that I had a good use for the peels: I put them in a gauze and tied it up to make a gigantic 'tea bag' to put in my hot bath. The fragrance is divine, a bit like a bath with the Japanese yuzu fruit, very citrusy and full of 'zest'.

Please let me know if you know this fruit, and what you do with it.

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Never heard of it before... Looking forward to your recipe then!

  2. Must find the time today Yari... also because I have the phone full of photo to download, I really behind with my recipes...

  3. Somebody calls for a gin & tonic? Here I am! Should be great to taste a special one with a rangpur slice! Cheers..

  4. Actually, I had some juice just with tonic (no gin) and it was delicious. I know what you are going to say probably about missing the gin out... but the fact is that I don't drink that much :-).


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