Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rain in Auckland, and thinking about a friend in the desert

Well, a few days ago I was thinking that the garden needed a bit of rain, and when the first rain started I  was happy, and so were my young veggies and seedlings. But this is ridiculous! Rain rain rain ... it is hard not to complaint, so I console myself with photos of flowers picked during better, sunnier days.

And then I remembered this, the giveaway of Italian blogger friend Araba Felice, who lives in the desert! I have been following her for a few years now, for her recipes and also for her entertaining stories, mostly about life in Saudi Arabia. So today I am going to steal a bit of her dry weather, and offer her (if she likes it, of course) some apple blossoms and as much water and humidity that she can handle, courtesy of Auckland and the Waitakere Ranges. We have enough to spare to irrigate the entire Arabian Desert now!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Un pensiero adorabile!!!
    Certo che avremmo bisogno di fiori...ed umidità...un regalo bellissimo :)
    Ti abbraccio!

    1. Ha funzionato qui, ha smesso di piovere!!! Meno male, stavo per costruire l'arca!

  2. very nice photos.

  3. Sei sempre tanto carina Alessndra!
    Buona giornata.......piovosa!!

  4. HAhaha! That's a GREAT way to beat the rainy day blues!! I'll have to try it when we are stuck with the heat in the middle of summer ... not that far away! Have a great weekend coming up, my friend!



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