Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red's Round the World Extravaganza, and lake Tekapo

My blogger friend from across the ditch, Red Nomad OZ, is proposing this!
Too exciting, isn't it?? Here's how to play!!

  1. Pick ONE POST that showcases something travel related from your blog
  2. Submit details in the linky below with
    a) a short description putting the COUNTRY first (eg OZ – UFO Capital of the World)
    b) a link to the POST* (eg
  3. Put my Button somewhere in your post/blog (you'll need to add a new HTML/Javascript gadget to your blog, then cut & paste code from under the 'round the world' button under 'about me' at left)
  4. Comment me – is this experiment worth continuing?
  5. Spread the word - follow me OR tweet it OR email the link OR facebook it!
  6. Spread the love – visit as many other participants as you can. Follow/leave comments as you wish!!
  7. ENJOY!!

I wasn't sure what post to pick, in the end I thought that I really want to promote New Zealand, especially the South Island, so I am copying this, just photos really... the place doesn't need much words.

Lake Tekapo

This highland lake (710 meters - 2300 feet) is in the heart of the Mackenzie District, South Island, New Zealand.

The name Tekapo is Maori and it probably means: Taka (sleeping mat) and Po (night).

Finely ground rock in the glacial melted waters give Lake Tekapo a beautifully unique turquoise color.

The monument to the working shepherd dog.

The Church of the Good Shepherd, the first church built in the Mackenzie Basin (1935).
Possibly one of the most photographed churches in New Zealand, it features an altar window that frames stunning views of the lake and mountains.
Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. I like your choice. It looks simply beautiful. A part of NZ I still have to discover...

  2. hm im curious as to the monument of the shepherds dog. (:
    Lake Tekapo looks beautiful

  3. The lake is such an amazing colour! And your photos are brilliant! Thanx for sharing - and for playing 'Round the World'!!

  4. Truly is a wondrous part of New Zealand. Used to travel through the area as a sales rep way back in mid 70's and always enjoyed the drive.

  5. Un posto bellissimo! Effettivamente non ci sono parole x descriverlo!Ciao

  6. It is a beautiful spot and you have captured it well in your photos. Somewhere I would certainly like to visit again but in summer next time.

  7. ohh, io chiudo gli occhi e mi siedo in riva a quel lago a respirarne piano piano la brezza....
    io ho dei post di viaggio, ma sono kilometrici e credo non sia il caso di partecipare a questo giochino.....sempre che abbia capito giusto ;-))

  8. @ Vanille, you would love it!

    @ Edible Art, the sheep dogs are very important in NZ, well, we have less sheep than we used to here, but still, there are millions, and you need dogs to round them up!

    @ Allie, sorry, but it is a bit cold (AND WINDY) even in Summer!

    @ Astro, il mio dev'essere il post con meno testo di tutti, vai sul sito di Red Nomad OZ e vedrai gli altri posts, sono chilometrici!

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Soffro soffro soffroooo!Ma quanta meraviglia c'è in NZ?!

  10. Saretta, son sicura che un giorno verra a trovarmi :-)

  11. troppo bello. prima o poi ti verrò a trovare!

  12. WOW! This place looks so awesome. Love the color of the water. I could see myself relaxing here :) I stopped over from Red Nomad OZ's hop, better late than never, haha.


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