Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Gluten Free Variations

Rice croquettes and ramen soup are some of my favourite quick meals, these versions are gluten free.

Gluten free rice croquettes

I always make croquettes with leftover risotto or other cooked rice, and I thought that they would be a lovely vegetarian gluten free dish if I didn't use breadcrumbs. So I started to coat the croquettes with instant polenta flour instead, for a golden and crispy 'crust'.

Ingredients: Leftover risotto (any type) or cooked rice with vegetables, 1 egg to bind everything together, some instant polenta flour to roll the croquettes in, vegetable oil for frying (I use rice bran oil).

Mix the rice with the egg and then shape into small croquettes (this is easier to do if you wet your hands with water first). Roll the croquettes in the polenta flour and fry. I served these coquettes hot with mashed potatoes, but they are also good cold and can be put in the lunch box.

Miso Ramen with Rice Vermicelli

I collected the last bok choy from the garden, they were just baby bock choy, but the snails weren't going to wait for them to grow up! Baby bok choy is perfect for ramen soup.

Ingredients for 4 bowls of ramen: 8 dried shitake mushrooms, 1 small carrot, 4 baby bok choy, 1 pinch salt, 1 pack rice vermicelli, miso paste, 4 eggs.

I cooked the shitake mushrooms first in 1 litre of water with a small pinch of salt, when they were soft I added the carrot, sliced, and the bok choy. I simmered everything for 5 more minuted and then I collected the vegetables and kept the stock in the pot. I added the miso to the stock and kept it hot but not boiling.
In the meantime I cooked the rice vermicelli in hot water (they just take a couple of minutes) drained them and divided them between 4 bowls. I arranged the vegetables on top and then I added a raw egg for each bowl. I poured the hot miso over and served immediately. The egg white will cook with the hot stock, but the yolk will remain soft. If you prefer not to eat raw egg just add a boiled egg (halved) instead, or for a Vegan variation substitute soft tofu for the eggs.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Great minds think alike Alessandra! I made croquettes recently too! :D These look lovely.

  2. Se non si sta attenti le lumache divorano tutto...ottimi i tuto arancini. Buon we, ciao.

  3. Bella anche l'idea della panatura di farina gialla invece del pane!! Io dovrei concentrarmi di più sui secondi.....le polpettine in effetti sono molto sfiziose....ciao franci

  4. Si Max, mi hanno mangiato il cavolo nero le maledette!!!!

  5. Miso Ramen and croquettes look delicious!! This is my last food pictures before going to bed and I'm happy.... Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Sembra ancora estate lì da te, con queste bellissime ricette!

  7. Nice call on the polenta, bet they were beautiful and crunchy. Also your bok choy look amazingly hole-less!? Mine are always riddled with snail/caterpillar holes

  8. il cavolo nero è talmente buono che lo adorano anche lumache, ma povere anche loro devono mangiare!!!, polpettine di verdure e riso vero? un abbraccio...

  9. Emma, the outside leaves I had to throw away, I hate eating leaves with snail holes, and half of the plants got eaten (they left the white bits!!!). I use the organic snail pellets, they work fine but only for about a week because now it rains to much, and if I forget to put them on again then I loose seedlings and vegetables!

  10. hello alessandra,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to follow your blog now. This is very awesome space where I can learn many varieties tiramaisu is tempting me!!! you have got wonderful photography skills too!! as a whole your blog is adorable, I will never miss any post of you from now!!!!
    keep visiting my blog!!!!

  11. Thank you DD I also like your vegetarian recipes :-)

  12. This ramen dish is the perfect, warming, hearty but not to heavy meal for winter. As much as I love hearty winter meals, so many of them are just a tad too heavy. I never thought about using raw egg, but I just had noodles with a very barely poached egg and it was really nice. Great flavour in an egg yolk.

  13. The hot stock or miso almost poaches the egg, or at least the egg white, even better if you pour the hot stock over the egg then cover the bowl with a plate for a minute or two, the egg will almost cook :-)

  14. Oh yum! These look scrumptious!! I'll be making these the next time I have leftover rice--and I plan to use my HimalaSalt pink salt from Sustainable Sourcing (here's their website: ). It adds such a wonderful flavor. Thanks for sharing this sweet little recipe!



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