Friday, September 30, 2011

Cooking with children at school, and another demo tomorrow at Arcadia Bookshop

Oratia District School,  Room 17, clockwise from top left: Italy, Scotland, Holland, Japan

Yesterday our local primary school was presenting a special international day. In my boy's class the children choose to represent four countries: Italy, Scotland, Holland and Japan. I was there with other three mums to help making the food, of course Max thought that doing Italy was going to be 'too easy' so he choose the Japan table and I made sushi rolls with 8 very enthusiastic children (while more children stood by and watched, getting to eat all the end bits and the pieces that weren't 'perfect'!). At the end we all went to see how the tables had been set up, and they were so colourful and happy!!! It was such a great day for the kids, the Italian table had pizza and vino (grape juice really!), the Dutch table had pancakes and biscuits, and the Scottish table had shortbread and fudge. The children were all dressed up too and had made some great visual displays. So creative!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini ©

This morning I was baking again, I made and decorated a few cupcakes to take to Arcadia Bookshop tomorrow. Arantxa and I will be there from 12 to 2 pm demonstrate how to make sugar flowers, and sign books, so if you are in Newmarket please pop by to see us!

Arcadia Bookshop

26 Osborne St, Newmarket, Auckland.
09 522 5211

PS: Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the blog candy, keep tuned!


  1. Ma che bello!
    Anche nella mia scuola organizziamo l'international day, e a me chiedono sempre di portare la pizza...pronta però, che iì mica possiamo infornare :-)

    Siete bellissime, tu e tua figlia, e mooooolto somiglianti :-)

  2. Al bookshop ci sarò sicuramente .....con il pensiero, ma mi piacerebbe imparare con voi la tecnica dei fiori di zucchero, sarebbero sicuramente due ore divertenti. ^ ____ ^

  3. che belle queste esperienze comuni, dove si condividono cibi e tradizioni, anche da noi ogni tanto si provano le ricette delle mamme non italiane ed è sempre positivo, il cibo lega cuori e menti, potesse farlo che per chi è ai vertivi e nelle scale più alte dei nostri governi... baci

  4. Mi sono sempre piaciute le iniziative culinarie nelle scuole, peccato che ormai nelle scuole qui è già tanto che cerchino di insegnare le basi dell'italiano in sempre meno tempo! :-/

  5. Mi piacerebbe fare delle lezioni di cucina per i bambini.....è una cosa che mi frulla in mente da un pò...Che carine che siete!! Vi assomigliate tantissimo!

  6. You both are adorable...must get my hands on this book of yours. oxoxoxoxox Wish I could come. hugs

  7. Good to see the Scots being represented at Oratia school (being one myself)!

    Would have loved to have met you at Aracadia - I'm normally in Newmarket on Sunday mornings but not tomorrow. Have a good time there - I love bookshops.

  8. I wish you could all come and make sugar flowers and cupcakes with us! Today we had so much fun, I will try to post later on :-)



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