Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tip for peeling ginger

This I discovered by chance, and I am sharing because I love grated ginger but I never knew how to peel it, except with a knife. But this only works with frozen ginger. I always have frozen ginger, when I buy some I use a bit and then I put the rest in the freezer and break out what I need from time to time (broken roots in the fridge dry up, and in my kitchen sprout, so the freezer is my only option). Today I took out a piece and I made an incision with a knife to break it. But because it was so hard and frozen I threw it in a bowl of water where I was soaking some mushrooms and dried tofu. After five minutes I took it out and the peel just started came off!
I could not believe how easy it was, this is going to be my frozen ginger peeling method from now on (just water, I don't think that the mushrooms and tofu had anything to do with it!)

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  1. Great tip. Where did you get the lovely grater?

  2. Thank you Jeanne, and I got the greater in Japan :-)

  3. I have never peeled ginger, but today I learn a trick that will help me, if I have to.
    Peace :)

  4. You'll never know when you may need it! :-) Peace to you!


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