Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Vegetarian in Slovenia

On the road again, on our way to Austria we decided to go through Slovenia, a Country we never been to. So we booked a night in a Tourist Farm where they do organic food and provide for vegetarians. Organic tourist farm Makek

Here it is, at 950 m above see level, in the Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps and Karavanken mountains. Very peaceful. For dinner they served us a vegetable soup, a bit like minestrone, but with cauliflower. Not bad!

We ordered local beer :-)

Now, I don't know anything about Slovenian cuisine, we only had bread and pastries from a bakery for lunch, in a village on the border with Italy, as the food in the cafés was quite meaty. So when we arrived at our destination we were starving, and curious! The second course at the Makek was salad (lettuce, onion and cucumber, not something I can personally digest in the evening) and so far I would say that the dinner was vegan...and light.

The main: local dumplings filled with white cheese similar to cottage cheese, quite nice (definitely not vegan but OK for veggies), and a local polpettone made from bread (quite filling but lacking a decisive taste). The side vegetables were, again, cucumbers, but cooked with tomatoes. Usually I only eat raw cucumbers, so it was quite strange to have them cooked like if they were zucchini.

The dessert was a crêpe filled with stewed apples, simple but nice.

The location is very nice, we had a stroll and took in the views, and the mountain air.

Breakfast was richer than dinner: eggs, bread, cereals, fruit, cheeses, they even made polenta for us...but we could not eat polenta for breakfast! The best things for me were the jams, one plum and one apricot, really home made. Once again possibly good for veggies (if you eat cheese) but a little difficult for vegans (unless you can eat polenta for breakfast!).

On the whole the place was good and not expensive, considering European standards, and the fact that we had two very nice big rooms, beautifully furnished, so I would recommend the place if you are looking for peace and quiet, and something different.

Bye Slovenia, with your lovely houses with cute fairytale roofs, on to Austria now!

Photos by Alessandra Zecchini©


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  2. thanks for sharing this lovely place,Slovenia it' near from here,i live in Trieste...

  3. Thank you Chiara. I have never been to Trieste, hope to visit sometime this year!

  4. Oh, Alessandra, what a piece of heaven you just shared — your photos are exquisite and the dishes look so enticing — a vegetarian in Slovenia - who would have thought? Can I stow away in your luggage on your next trip? What a blessed life you live!

  5. Beautiful photographs! I've never visited eastern europe but it's so pretty! :)

  6. What a pretty place with breathtaking views. Great place to stay....Christine

  7. Your photos are really lovely. I so appreciate your sharing this lovely place with us. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey. Blessings...Mary

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  9. Thank you for sharing this. Don't know if i'll ever venture to Slovenia. Good to know there are some vegetarian options. I did like the look of the main and agree with you polenta for breakfast - mmmm don't think so.

  10. Sir, i have job offer in slovenia , i am pure vegetarian , i want to know that vegetarian indian food is available there , or i will bake my self are there , rice and wheat available easily . kindly reply i am confused about food , with out veg food i not in possition to join there , suggest me please

  11. can anyone tell me veg indian food is available in slovinia , and also there , rice wheat available so that i will abke it my self , please reply me .. any one is there for slovenia


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