Monday, July 1, 2013

Saffron Quinotto

In Lima I heard a lot about quinotto, quinoa cooked like risotto. Many of my Italian blogger friends also  make it, and I though of trying, starting with a classic saffron style 'quinotto'.

I chopped one onion and cooked it with a little olive oil (I wanted to make a vegan dish, but remember that butter is traditionally used for saffron risotto), then I added 450 g of quinoa. Once the quinoa was 'toasted' and 'greasy' with oil, I added one glass of white wine, and then, ladle by ladle, slowly slowly, and stirring often, one litre of vegetable stock. I added the saffron just at the end, when the quinotto was cooked.

How was it? Well, I liked it very much, my son liked it too, but my husband and daughter weren't so sure... they ate it, but are they are not going to beg me to make it again, they prefer risotto with rice :-).

And did you ever try to make quinotto?

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Love the addition of wine to that quinoa risotto.. Looks like an interesting recipe

    1. Yes, some chefs say that with saffron risotto you don't add wine, other insist that you do... I add it because I really like the smell of the wine sizzling away in the hot risotto (quinotto here) :-)

  2. Love this risotto Alessandra, look delicious!!

  3. risotto quinotto :-). And I guess that you use quinoa in Chile too!



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